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I still remember when Mala put me on to LONG.LIVE.A$AP. "Peso" was the first shit i saw. That shit altered my understanding of music ! I was infatuated to know more.. Where did this sound come from? Why does it look so cool? Who is that girl with the green hair? (Venus X), Who that light dude with the pink shit on his face? Who is A$AP Ty Beats? it wasn't the usual NY sound that i was knew. This shit was slappin' it had everything! Houston shit, Mud music shit, fashion brands i could not articulate. Everything that Rocky did was solid. ASAP MOB pulled up one by one, Ferg, Nast, Bari, Twelvyy, Ant, Illz.. after that i went on research to find out that this mexican kid with a birthmark was the architect.

Ion wanna talk to much and sh*t. Rest in Peace Yams 🕊 A$AP FOREVER.

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Also Rest In Peace A$AP J Scott 🕊

A$AP J scott - Blog post

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