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About Us

Sumibu「often stylized as スミブ」(/‘su:mi:bu/ Soo-Me-Buu) is what you get when Tokyo and New York meet in Amsterdam!

SUMIBU is an Amsterdam based clothing label founded in 2015 by Georgy Dendoe and Jordan Soediono. Throughout the brands history we have drawn our influences from American and Japanase culture, you will often see it written as スミブ.

We aim at making timeless designs with a nostalgic feeling of early 2000s streetwear fashion. Sumibu's designs combine Tokyo fashion with New York streetstyle interpreted by Amsterdam youth culture.

SUMIBU believes that buying clothes is an experience, which is why they put a lot of care and thought into details and the consumer experience. Some things you will only notice when owning a piece. 



Zeedijk 60

We joined forces with The New Originals & Bonne Suits to start our own store in Amsterdam, after being friends for long before any of our brands were even founded.

Zeedijk 60 is an Amsterdam based multi-brand retail experience, you will always get the best advice, as there is at least one Brand-Expert present at the store everyday.

The store is straightforwardly called Zeedijk 60, out of pride for its location. The Zeedijk is an infamous street, renowned for its diversity (housing legendary gaybars, a buddist temple, Asian restaurants and hip clothing stores) and its rough past (it used to be reserved for drug addicts, dealers and prostitutes).

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COC-NR: 61198943 

Motorkade 9

1021 JR, Amsterdam

The Netherlands


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