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We are Sumibu, an exceptional clothing label based in Amsterdam that was co-founded in 2015 by Georgy Dendoe and Jordan Soediono.


Our brand draws inspiration from American and Japanese culture and is often stylized as スミブ. Our main focus is on creating timeless designs that evoke a sense of early 2000s streetwear fashion. We blend Tokyo fashion with New York street style, all while interpreting it through the lens of Amsterdam youth culture.


We strongly believe that buying clothes should be more than just a transaction. It should be an experience that stays with you long after you leave the store. That's why we put a great deal of care and thought into every detail of our clothing, ensuring that every piece feels special and unique. We take pride in the fact that some aspects of our designs may only become apparent once you've owned a piece for a while, adding to the overall sense of discovery and delight that comes with wearing Sumibu.

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